1 kg ground veal
6 egg
2 slices bread, without crust
100 gr butter
100 gr flour
300 gr bread crumbs
1 glass oil
100 gr cheese, grated
100 gr pine nuts
100 gr currants

1 kg potatoes, boiled, peeled
1 glass milk

– Wash and dry the pine nuts and currants.
– Brown the pine nuts until golden in 100 gr of butter. Remove the pine nuts, and in the same butter, simmer the currants until they begin to swell.
– Soak the bread in water and then squeeze out the excess by hand.
– Mix the meat, bread, 2 egg yolks, grated cheese, salt and pepper. Knead well.
– Take pieces of the above mixture, the size of an egg. Put some of the currants and pine nuts in the center of the piece, then roll into a flattened oval shape.
– Dip the meatball (kцfte) into the flour, then the beaten eggs (2 white and 4 whole eggs beaten together) and finally into the bread crumbs. Fry in oil.
– Prepare a potato puree with milk, potatoes and butter.
– Place the meatball in the center of the plate, surrounded by a crown of potato puree.


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