500 grams ground lamb
1 soupspoon rice
1 whole egg
1/2 soupspoon salt
1/2 coffeespoon cumin, powdered
1/2 coffeespoon black pepper
10 glasses water

1 small coffee cup flour
2 egg yolks
1 lemon juice
1 coffee cup water
1 coffeespoon red pepper
2 coffeespoons butter

– Wash the rice in hot water and put it in a bowl. Add the other ingredients except the water. Mix and knead.
– From this mixture make balls (kцfte) the size of walnuts by rolling them in the palms of your hands.
– During this time, boil the water in a saucepan. Put the meatball into the boiling water. Cook for 25 to 30 minutes on a low heat, removing the scum periodically.
– While the meatball are cooking, prepare the sauce by mixing the flour, egg yolks, the lemon juice and 5 soupspoons of the cooking water.
– When the meatballs are cooked, pour the sauce into the saucepan. Let boil 5 minutes then remove from heat.
– Just before serving, melt the butter, add the red pepper to it and pour over the meatballs.


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