TURKISH CULINARY ARTIt is quite rare that all the three conditions are met, as they are in the French, the Chinese and the Turkish Cuisine. The Turkish Cuisine has the extra privilege of being at the cross-roads of the Far-East and the Mediterranean, which mirrors a long and complex history of Turkish migration from the steppes of Central Asia (where they mingled with the Chinese) to Europe. All these unique characteristics and history have bestowed upon the Turkish Cuisine a rich and varied number of dishes, which can be prepared and combined with other dishes in meals of almost infinite variety, but always in a non-arbitrary way. This led to a Cuisine that is open to improvisation through development of regional styles, while retaining its deep structure, as all great works of art do.

The Cuisine is also an integral aspect of culture. It is a part of the rituals of everyday life events. It reflects spirituality, in forms that are specific to it, through symbolism and practice. Anyone who visits Turkey or has had a meal in a Turkish home, regardless of the success of the particular cook, is sure to notice how unique the Cuisine is. Our intention here is to help the uninitiated to enjoy Turkish food by achieving a higher level of understanding of the repertoire of dishes, related cultural practices and their spiritual meaning.


Turkish Culinary Art Recipes presents the culinary art in Turkey is made of a great variety of delicious dessert, egg, fish, game, gamebird, jam, legume, marmalade, meat, mollusc, offal, pasta, pasty, pickle, poultry, rice, shellfish, soup, vegetable, meatball, kebab, stew, stuff, ragout dishes and more.

All recipes are Easy! Learn useful secrets and mysteries of improving the taste, aroma and appearance of the foods. You will be able to re-create these oriental specialities and that they will continue to delight you wherever you are.

There are always endless possibilities for best food cooking. Best food creation has produced always vast gastronomic and culinary effects and used to making plain food more palatable or unpalatable food edible. Using our food cooking recipes, you can create or re-create and offer best exotic textures, taste, aroma, flavour and appearance with your foods in every occasions.

The nature and function of food cooking could never encompass the unlimited range of textures, flavours and aromas with which food can assoult the senses and transform simple food into gourmet fare. Alternatively you may use some different ingredients, quantities and process or add or remove some other ingredients or change quantities instead of mentioned in recipes due to your own taste.

Try our recipes and see how simple food changes into gourmet class, very easy. You will be able to re-create these oriental specialities and that they will continue to delight you wherever you are. Fallow the recipes and methods closely, but not too slavishly. We try to simplfy cooking and to remove some of the secrets and mysteries that has shrouded even the basics and improving the taste and appearance of many various types of food.

Just remember, as long as certain basic rules are observed, there is always a store-room for your own inventiveness to change a flavour subtly to suit your own taste buds. These recipes will help you to prepare a vast range of appetizing food for you to savour. Try to transform a basic food into something special with one of the exciting recipes.

A Turkish food cooking need never be the same each time it is made. The enormous variety of necessary ingredients available all the year round can contribute to an ever-changing combination of flavours, apperances, aromas, tastes, textures and colours. Likewise, with international distribution so very much improved, supermarkets now stock the more exotic well-known ready-made foods and food ingredients, and many of these food cooking recipes take advantage of this to create or re-create interesting dishes for family and friends, whatever the occasion.


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